Student Clubs in Delft and Student Work

Student clubs in Delft

In Delft there are all kind of student clubs. A lot of Dutch students choose to become a member of one of the many student clubs in Delft. I am not sure how many international students attend those student clubs.

Several clubs have student houses where you can rent a student room. These clubs mostly have also often dinners together and activities.

The yearly fee is shown by every club on their website. T

In the summer break they all organize in the same week all kind of social activities. This week called Owee and there is a website about this festivity. Most of the clubs offers a sleeping place for these four days for possible new members.

Student Clubs
name description address
Aegee-Delft website in English and Dutch. The club has around 20% international students. They have together with DISS an tandem languages project. There are several activities based in Delft and on Europe level. Membership cost 35 euro a year.

Every Tuesday evening (not during holidays) AEGEE-Delft has the weekly dinner and social drink in the basement of the Koornbeurs, starting at 19:00. Address: Voldersgracht 1, 2611 ET Delft

office: Leeghwaterstraat 42 (room 45-01-1.14)

  015-278 98 93.

OJV de Koornbeurs Website is very enthusiastic, most in Dutch but there is also some information in English. In the Koornbeurs members as well as non-members are welcome. Only the activities such as camping or sailing are members only. You can eat here the whole week (I assume not on Saturday and Sunday’s).
Voldersgracht 1, 2611ET Delft
Delftsche Studenten Bond, DSB around 250 members with a lot of activities. The web site is also in English. Membership 100 plus euro a year. You can eat here from 5 euro a meal. Oude Delft 123, 2611 BE Delft
D.S.V. Nieuwe Delft Society de Bolk; Dutch webpage; membership arond 100 euro a year; Society is active and you can also learn to sail here.
Buitenwatersloot 1-3, 2611 TA Delft
K.S.V. Sanctus Virgilius According the website, which is written in Dutch only, the club is the largest with 1500 members, besides this they liked to be called as the most active (sports, activities, parties and the only benefit festival ever organized by a student club). In there club there is also the possibility for weekday’s meals. Oude Delft 57, 2611 BC Delft
Sint Jansbrug belongs to the top three of student clubs in Delft, (at least because of there 700 members) Website in Dutch language. Meals during the week. Many activities, organized by the different sub clubs. Study is an important issue and time management ( how to combine your study with a club, which is only one day a week) is organized. Oude Delft 50-52, Delft
CSR Delft Believe in Christ; Dutch webpage; Owner of 35 houses in Delft and via there house searching forum most of there members can find in the first year a room here. Oude Delft 9 in Delft
C.S.F.R. Believe in Christ; Dutch webpage; small society; not much info available address unknown
Delft Debatteert Here you can learn to debate. This is crucial in you life after school and therefore an good thing to learn during your school. However in this club they debate in the Dutch language. for the debate activities they sometimes go to a café. If you want to learn about presentations than visit toastmasters address unknown
Delftsch Studenten Corps / Delftshe Studenten Societeit Phoenix Website in Dutch and more concentrated on renting out of the house. Phoenixstraat 30 2611 AL Delft
Delftsche Zwervers a small club. The members will see each other at Thursday. This is to eat and do some activity together. Website in Dutch. Kruithuis, Schiekade 1, Delft
VGSD Christen society. They have several student houses, called kasten. Most of there activities takes place there. Website in Dutch see all there houses
on there website
Wolbodo Small society, with not much info on there website. Verwesdijk 102, 2611 NK Delft

Students work

This means: asking around at other students, shops, restaurants…Hopefully you
will have a strong will because there are still a lot of employers who prefer Dutch speaking personnel.

To become a cleaning, baby sit, private teacher help in a house then hang some notes in the different supermarkets. Babysit, this can go up till 10 years old kids. But you can also help children between 14 and 18 years with for example English, German or French.

There are a lot of expats living in Delft and the Hague with both parents working and where the Dutch language is less relevant. A lot of their children will attend an international school.

  1. babysit, put notes in the supermarkets, ask other students who are doing this job
  2. clean houses, put notes in the supermarkets
  3. delivering food is now a big thing – almost all supermarkets needs people for delivery but also shops like picnic or getir
  4. delivering food for restaurants
  5. ask at pubs and restaurants if they need anybody. If you want not to talk to another
    helper than write an email. At least the owner will read this, besides this, he might
    know some other restaurant or bar who can use some help
  6. delivering mail on Saturday and holidays
  7. work in a shop, sometimes you see the signs ‘ personeel gevraagd ‘ which means
    that they are in need of personnel
  8. supermarkets need people in the evening hour to fill the store, but also
    people who can sit behind the desk
  9. work as a translator
  10. work as a tourist guide
  11. GGD sometime needs extra people for testing and other personal.
  12. if all of this doesn’t bring you any work then go to a ‘uitzendbureau’. An uitzendbureau
    is nothing more than a small office where people can help to find you some work. In there archive
    they have from their clients several jobs. It is their task to find a matching person. There
    profit is the difference what you earn and what they charge to the client. And believe me,
    the difference is quite big. If you go to the
    website uitzendbureau to find all the offices. The site is unfortunately in Dutch language only.