Rental, Service Fees and Health Care in Delft

What are the student room fees in Delft and what other expenses are there in Holland. To calculate the price of a student room, an apartment or house the Dutch Government have invented a system to protect the low incomes. The rental system consist out of two parts:

  1. bare rental fee
  2. service fee

Bare rental fee

The bare rental fee of a room can easily be calculated. Each item in the house gets points, so the square meters of the room are important but also the common spaces like garden, kitchen, showers,toilets etc are calculated. The central government explains this on their website.

After the calculation of the points of a room, the maximum bare fee of this room can be found in a table. This table can also be downloaded from that same website.

Rooms should be safe to live in. Nowadays this is regulated in the ‘bouwbesluit’. Here you can find the information about window size, ventilation, escape routes, fire alarms, fire extinguishers. As student houses are sometimes very old, the regulations which fits this building are also old, and the house will be kept at this old fashioned level till there is a major renovation. At the major renovation the owner should fulfil the new regulations.

Service fee of your student room in Delft

According the  government the landlord should ask the service fee separate from the bare rental fee. But what is a service fee and how high should this be?

The definition for a service fee is everything delivered excluding the room. So the microwave, the carpet can be seen as fixed service fees. The use of water, electricity, sewage and internet can be seen as variable service fees.

The fixed service fees are divided into two groups. First group is calculated t0 be renewed after 5 years, second group after 10 years. For example carpet cost 4000 euro. Carpet belongs to the 5 year category. So yearly 4000/5= 800 euro service fee. Divided by 8 students and 12 month will add a value of 800/8/12=8.33 euro a month per student.

The landlord should be open in these fees towards the tenants. The variable fees, like for example water, electricity.. are normally guessed on forehand and have to be
re-calculated after one year. To handle this the landlord however is entitled to some administration fee.

Different insurances in the Netherlands

There are a lot of possibilities with insurances. Which company to pick and for what is even difficult for a Dutch.

In basic you need a

  • health insurance (mandatory by law)
  • liability insurance.

Most of the Banks, like ABN Amro will also sell insurances except the health insurances. But they sell insurances for the house, for your personal belongings, cars, holidays.

In the Netherlands all the people should have an health insurance. This is mandatory, and you need this before you can apply for a visa. Most medicines are covered by your Dutch health insurance. Also the visits to the ‘huisarts’ and the visits to the hospital are covered by the health insurance.

For students there is a special deal at the insurance companies and maybe your university has also a good deal with one of the companies.

Fixed and Variable service fees,student rooms
item prices in Euro’s each month remarks some examples of providers
fixed fees around 30 per person extra items like: carpet, curtains, washing machine, electrical cooker, refrigerator, boilers and maintenance, extra ventilators, fire extinguishers and maintenance,
fire detection system, administration
water (utility fee if you rent a room) around 10 per person every company has its own district, so there is no choice
for Delft: Evides
gas and electricity (utility fee if you rent a room) around 40 per person you can split this in two different companies,
most people will take however only one company for there conveniences. But if you want to save money go to
an website to compare the prices such as
oxxio ; essent ; eon ; nuon ; nederland energie
tv-internet-telephone around 65 per house you can also choose for only internet, which cost between 28 and 45 euro a month ziggo; kpn
tax for the garbage and sewage around
30 per house
called ‘afvalstoffenbelasting en riool gebruiker’, this is the next table of the owner. Paid by owner to government but inside of service fees of room local government tax
additional fee when renting an apartment
maintenance and service fee average 160 – 220 euro per apartment when you rent an apartment every apartment building has an administrator for its coalition,
this administrator will send the bill
fee to be paid by owner only
local government tax for house property around 70, depends on the house price this tax includes 5 different taxes: WOZ-beschikking eigenaar(owner) ; OZB eigenaar(owner) ; Riool eigenaar(sewage owner);
Riool gebruiker (sewage user); afvalstoffen (garbage bags user, there are here two different taxes, one for single user and one for multiple user
)Riool gebruiker (sewage user) and afvalstoffen (garbage bags user) will be charged to the student in the service fees
gemeente Delft will send the bill to the owner,
together with an explanation folder
government property tax roughly 400 – 500 euro property tax is 1.2% x (WOZ value minus debts)
maintenance fee average 200 euro Regular maintenance like painting the outside

Medical health care in Holland: 112

Emergency number: 112

This number is only for life threaten circumstances, for example: heart attack, traffic accident and robbery.

Normal situation is, inscribe yourself at an general doctor practice. Medical general doctors are working in offices across the city. Often at their home address.In the Netherlands the title is ‘huisarts’ and via Google you can find them in Delft. Please pick one who lives close to your house. He is not allowed to refuse you when you lives in his area.

If you feel sick, you can call the doctor at 08.00 in the morning to make an appointment. Only after 1700 and in the weekend the standby doctor can be called in some situations. At the hospital ‘de Graaf’ there is at the entrance near the first aid this standby ‘huisarts’ Please check with him first before you go to the first aid.

On normal working hours your own ‘huisarts’ is in charge. He will check if you are sick enough to go to the hospital to see an specialist. In most cases he will prescribes some medicine, which you can pick up at the ‘apotheek’ where after you can go to your home.

In the unfortunately case that you are send to the hospital: take your insurance chart and ID with you. Before you can visit any medical specialist you have to register yourself in the hospital. You will receive a chart and stickers which will be used by the nurses to keep track.

The health insurance at any company has a base insurance coverage. This coverage is decided by the government. On top of this you can decide to cover more. All the insurances named these additional insurances different, but they exist most of the time out an additional three levels. Also the dentist can be insured by the same company. It is up to you what you want.

different insurances
item prices in Euros each month remarks
liability insurance around 10 euro This insurance is
mandatory. Is most of the cases combined with fire, water and glass damages
health insurance around 90 euro this is mandatory to enter the Netherlands,
but you can also take an insurance in your home country which covers the Netherlands
insurance against theft, fire and water damages around 20 euro this is on voluntary base
additional prices to complete your money planner
item prices in euros each month remarks
food around 150 euro
school tax around 750 euro depends on which country you are
coming from and which study you follow
books at least 100 euro