How to Find a Student Room in Delft

How to find a student room in Delft. Well I am the owner of the International Student House in Delft and still I cannot tell you this in a precise way. Delft is overcrowded by student who are looking for a room and I know that it is not easy to find a room especially not in the busy season of July and August and February. But for international students, the Universities in Delft may have some special deals for the first year and sometimes even longer. Most of those deals the student real estate agent DUWO is involved.

How things work for the the student inside Delft

  1. People have friends and they tip each other
  2. If you are member of one of the student clubs than you have a lot of connections which might help you further. Most of these students clubs have houses. In the Netherlands there is a voting-in policy. When a student leaves a student house, the other students will organize some evenings where new students can introduce them self by an small talk. A membership is however not a quarantine that you will be voted-in and get a room in one of their houses. The club will announce to their own members when there is a student room available, so the change to get one is available. (this is just to let you know the procedure, most Dutch students follow this route, for the International student this route is almost impossible)
  3. The student real estate agent: DUWO owns also a lot of houses. Also here you have this voting-in system, but you don’t need to be a member of a student club. All voting sessions are mentioned on their website. See the link in the footer of this page. DUWO also helps Universities with international students

Tips for finding a student room in Delft

  1. We run an international student house with eight student rooms: peak months for room request are July, August, December and January
  2. Register yourself at the accommodation shop from DUWO; costs are involves
  3. Contact SHS Delft (they have also 150 rooms, student organisation)
  4. Facebook is nowadays the way other students sublet rooms: find a room(mate) in delft
  5. Several students join together and rent a complete house from a private owner (becomes more difficult  as the houses sells nowadays quicker)
  6. In the same line you can also join with a few students together and rent an apartment / house from a social
    company e.g. Vestia or Woonbron
  7. You can find a student room room sites, such as: / / /
    / / / / /
  8. You can get information at ‘makelaaars’ (real estate agent). The rooms which they are renting out are
    normally higher priced and more meant for working people. But sometime you can be lucky. The agency fee of the contract should be paid by the owner (according legacy, but not always in practice)
  9. Look at rentals. Sometimes there are studios available
  10. Look at student hotel the Hague
  11. Use the telephone guide named as ‘’: type at wie/wat (means who or what) ‘studentenhuis’
    en under waar (means where or which city) ‘Delft’. This way you should find around 90 student houses.
  12. try Google Maps, Google maps have different criteria then Google internet search

Final Tip: Find a room close to Delft

If you have trouble finding a place in Delft, than try the cities in the near surroundings like

  • Rijswijk. You can come here by train, tram (line 1), bus or bike (around 4 to 10 kilometer only).
  • Delfsgauw is a small city next to the TU (maybe 2 kilometer by bicycle).
  • Den Hoorn is also a small town, approximate 4 kilometer from the TU Delft.
  • Ypenburg is part of The Hague, about 5 kilometer from TU Delft. (This tram 19 goes all the way to Leidschenveen, Leidschedam).
  • Rotterdam (by train or bike), North of Rotterdam is connected by bike road to Delft ( roughly 10 kilometer)


Room Fees

The rental fee of a student rooms in the Netherlands is calculated according the government regulations. According these regulation every room can earn points. With the point the maximum rental fee is set. The additional service fees has also their regulations. To find out more, please visit the next page taxes and fees

Type of tenancy agreements

In Holland their are basically two different kind of tenancy agreements.

  1.  A contract for a certain period of time. The tenant has to pay for this agreed time and can not reduce the payment. In normal cases the contract will also end according the date but the tenant can renew the contract for the same period if he wants to.
  2. A timeless contract and the termination is done according a notice not longer then three month

The owner can only claim the room back on certain conditions, like no payment, no good behavior of the tenant or the owner needs the room to live there herself.