Living in Delft as a student

Your living in Delft as a student will normally last for a few years before you move on. The first few month is everything new. You start in a small circle and try to grow this circle of … read more

History of Delft, the short version

The history of Delft is richly filled with buildings, explosions, princes and painters. The name Delft is coming from delven = digging. The digging is about the canals in Delft. The city started … read more

How to Find a Student Room in Delft

How to find a student room in Delft. Well I am the owner of the International Student House in Delft and still I cannot tell you this in a precise way. Delft is overcrowded by student who are looking … read more

Prices are INCLUSIVE service fees like gas,electricity,water and WiFi

Student rooms Delft: FAQ and features

In this mixed student house there are at the moment 7 rooms for students. There is one airBNB room at the first floor. The kitchen and dining table are on the ground floor.
Students like to stay here because the house is located in the center of Delft. Shops, restaurants, cafe's and train station are all very closeby. TU Delft starts just outside of the city center, which is approx 5 minutes by bike.